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Who’s on vocals in your brand?

You know how your friends and family tend to look, but should you be blinded by some freak run-in with magical gutter goblin out the back of a 7-11 on the way home from a late-night Slurpie escapade…well…you could still probably pick them out of a crowded room by the sound of their voice.

So why do brands constantly overlook this key attribute still expecting to rock their marketing and find fans?

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Walk the line, don't snort it - finding funny for your Brand

Across much of marketing, advertising and social media, humour is used to capture an audience, build rapport and improve message recall whilst providing a platform for to share your brand values and experience principles.

It’s not always easy.

What is funny to one person, isn't to another. It’s a fine line and not one many brands are brave enough to walk. So what helps make a brand’s communication funny?

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